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Anorexia Nervosa-Your ‘Slim’ Chance of Overcoming it.

April 30th, 2012

What is Anorexia Nervosa? Anorexia is the decreased sensation of appetite (derived from the Greek for ‘absence of appetite’). Many possible causes exist for a decreased appetite, some of which are harmless and some of which come with severe complications. In common language, the terms anorexia and anorexia nervosa are often used interchangeably; however Anorexia […]

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Treating Depression

April 2nd, 2012

WHAT IS DEPRESSION? Depression is a common psychiatric condition affecting a person’s mood. Studies estimate that about 10-15% of men and 20-25% of women will suffer from depression at some point in their lifetime. It is also estimated that about 10% patients attending a general practitioner’s clinic suffer from depression. This may go up to […]