All the Single Ladies – Pamper yourself this V-Day!

Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 14, 2017 | Lifestyle

It’s really not a big deal if you are single on Valentine’s Day. It’s a bit irritating though to see all those lovey-dovey couples going out on a date or social media filled with pictures of your showy couple friends. You are flying solo, the upside is that you are desirable and can celebrate the day even without a partner or lover. Rather take it in good spirit and spend it by yourself with some “me” time. Just go on the Zooty App and book yourself a rejuvenating therapy.

Spa date
Make a date with yourself at a spa, its relaxing and calming.  It feels good to get a heavenly massage, which gives you head to toe pampering. Give yourself some love and indulge in spa date with “I, me and myself”- trust me you will thank yourself for it!

Pamper Party
Share the joy with your single girlfriends and head to a spa or salon for only gals pamper party. Why not have some fun themed dresses or colours to add to the girly bash? It’s the best way to bond, gossip and chill while having a pedicure or foot spa done together. Complete it with feel good treatments and exchange some glam goodies with each other.

Makeup party
You can host this unique themed party at your home. Again invite all your single friends over and book a home salon service. A lot of them have professional makeup artists and hairstylists on call. It’s a fun way to try out new looks and bond with each other over beauty secrets. Have each one do a different makeup and hair look or even better, you can also work around a theme look for the party like retro or grunge or fairy tale. Once the makeup and hair is done, pose, preen, pout and click as many selfies as you can. Or you can even hire services of a professional photographer and get a memorable Valentine ’s Day girly portfolio made all decked up.  It can be a beautiful keepsake memory with all your girlfriends together on the day of love.

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