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Posted by Jyoti Watchmaker | February 10, 2017 | Lifestyle

Its Promise day and while everyone is making promises of Love and Friendship; let’s make a promise to ourselves. A promise to take care and follow a beauty routine. Taking care of yourself is equally important as going for your annual check-ups.  Here are a few must-do beauty regimes that you should do recurrently. Download the Zooty App and book your services to regularly fulfil your pamper promise.


Go in for a massage at least once a fortnight at a good spa, there are lots of day spas to choose from on the app. Most of us tend be in air conditioned environments throughout the day, so the skin tends to get dry and itchy.  Massage not only helps to release stress it hydrates the body with the application of massage oils and creams.

Pedicure and manicure – The periodicity of a pedicure and manicure totally depends on your lifestyle. With the kind of temperatures in Mumbai we tend to live in our flip-flops.  It’s recommended to get at least a pedicure done once in a month or once in 3 weeks.

Facial-Due to sun exposure there is tanning, while due to pollution the face gets dull and dry. Your face is your fortune, so take care of it, nurture it and nourish it regularly with a facial at least once in 4 weeks. If done professionally it can also help to combat specific skin concerns like acne, white heads and pigmentation.


Hair Spa – Hair colour, highlighting, chemicals, blow-drying and styling products may make our hair look good but not feel good. Again dust, smog and pollution damages the hair leaving it dull and lifeless. A regular hair spa is recommended every fortnight to cleanse the scalp as well as restore the shine and health of your hair. It’s the perfect treatment for frizzy and damaged hair.

Hot Oil Treatment – If you don’t want to do a hair spa due to the chemicals, you can also go in for a hot oil massage that will soothe your scalp and add life to your hair. Remember to choose the oil which suits your hair best. This is followed by a hot-towel treatment or giving steam to the hair. Hair becomes moisturised and is more manageable. It can even be done once a week. A lot of spas offer the “Indian Champi” massage on their menu.

Hair Trim – Most of us take this for granted but to have split end free hair, it’s imperative to cut your hair once in eight weeks (depending on your hair style and cut). Same is the case with root-touch ups, once the greys start to show, in 6 weeks go in for a touch-up.

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