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Hair Care During Winter Season

November 9th, 2015

Winter season accelerates problems like static, frizz, dandruff, etc. The dry air damages your hair to a great level. If you are unable to prevent your hair from it, you will surely have the worst hair problems. Hair, although lifeless, needs lots of attention, as it affects your personality too. However, there are small and easy techniques through which, you can help to keep the charm of your hair, even in winter season. Following are some of the magnificent tips to help your hair to fight winter.

1. Kill Dandruff

Winters make you to have dandruff more obvious. It dries your scalp make it itchy enough. With almost no moisture in the air, scalp gets flaky and extra dry. To counter this effect of winter, warm your hair oil and add some lemon juice to it. Massage this oil to get rid of dry scalp. Massage will also promote the circulation of blood in the scalp region and thus helping you to fight hair fall and relieve stress too.

2. Fight Frizzy Hair

Winter makes you wear sweaters, pullovers, caps and at times gloves too. It makes a lot of static around you. Static is the major reason to make your hair frizzy. You have to use hair brush, which has a combination of boar bristles and plastic and is a vented type of brush. Remember to wash your hair with lukewarm water and not with hot water. Use of conditioner is a must.

3. Shiny and Bouncy

In winters, you lose a lot of shine along with drying of the scalp and frizz, you also lose the much adorable bounce. To get rid of it, brush your hair to get rid of tangles also apply honey on the scalp and hair. Cover your hair for 30 mins with a towel or shower cap. While washing, use lukewarm water. This is sure shot method to get your hair good bounce and shine. Use this treatment to protect your hair in winter.

4. Olive Oil

Massage olive oil on your scalp after warming a small amount of it. Massage slowly so the oil penetrates deep into the roots. This will also help you in regaining shine and remove frizz and dandruff and also controlling hair breakage.

5. Dry your hair

Drying of hair in winter is very important. Your hair generally doesn’t dry fast in winter. Think twice, before you tie your wet hair up. Wet hair can lead to a lot of hair problems and can affect scalp too. Try waiting for extra minutes to tie it up. You can also use a hair dryer to dry your hair real quick.

6. Conditioning

Conditioning is something very important, which you can never miss in winter. You need to provide your hair extra moisture and also add some conditioning, hair oil to your conditioner. Make sure, that your oil is non greasy and wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Hair care should be taken very seriously in winter or you will end up getting too much of dandruff. Dandruff is something, which you can’t get easily get rid during winter. Hair conditioning will help you to get rid of most of the problems, which you face in winter. If you are suffering from some special hair conditions, then book an appointment with your dermatologist and get the answers for your condition.

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