8 Home Remedies for Dengue

September 22nd, 2015

Dengue has recently affected many lives. The spread of this disease in India has gone on massive scales and the result is the medical arrangements are running out of supplies. The government of India is trying hard to curb the disease, but somewhere resources are falling apart. When it comes to dengue, prevention is better than cure. There is no specific treatment for dengue and hence, it is somewhat hard to cure. Below are listed home remedies for this dreadful disease.

Barley grass:

Barley grass for Dengue
Barely leaves are very effective, when it comes to dealing with decreasing blood platelet count, which is a side effect of dengue. Drinking Barely tea or consuming it directly can help you in increasing your blood platelet rapidly. Having good platelet count helps you in recovering fast from dengue and shortening the weakness period.


Goldenseal for dengue
This is not a scientifically approved, yet very highly praised by homeopathic physicians. Goldseal is known to cure most of the effects of dengue like fevers, chills, headaches, vomiting and nausea. It is also noteworthy, that goldenseal has the antiviral capacity can cure dengue within a small period of time.

Drink more Water:

Drink more water in Dengue
Water is very essential element for your body, it becomes even more essential, when you are suffering from dengue. Dengue is known to cause extreme dehydration and water drains out of the body rapidly. Drinking water can help you in preventing headaches, muscle cramps and weakness. Water also helps the body in eliminating toxins and thus, reducing the viral effects of the dengue pathogen.

Neem leaves:

Neem leaves as remedy for dengue
Neem leaves are known to have lots of medicinal remedies and it can be found in almost all the lists of home remedy. Neem leaves are known to increase both the red blood and white blood count. Drinking neem brew is very effective in dealing side effects of the virus. The brewed leaves can help you in strengthening body faster and help you get cured faster, than any other methods of home remedy.

Papaya leaves:

Papaya leaf juice for Dengue
Papaya leaves are known to cure dengue naturally. It can help you in increasing the platelet too with providing high amounts of vitamin c, that acts as an antioxidant and reduces stress and eliminates toxins from the body. The leaves of papaya can be crushed and juice can be obtained for the purpose.

Orange juice:

Drink orange juice in Dengue
Like Papaya, Orange juice contains lots of antioxidants with vitamins. It helps in easily treating symptoms of dengue and eliminating the pathogen. It also helps in promotion of antibodies and thus stimulating immune response. The vitamin c is known to create collagen and helping in cellular repair. The increased urination caused by it, results in the release of toxins.


Fenugreek leaves for treating DengueFenugreek is a natural sedative, which helps in relieving pain and ease the problems faced by the body. This is one of the most famous home remedy for fever. Fenugreek is used to cure symptoms of dengue, all around the world. It reduces the level of fever stabilizing the blood pressure and heartbeat of the patient.


Basil is a good remedy for dengue

Bail has been considered as Ayurvedic medicine for long. Chewing Basil leaves will improve your immune system drastically. It is a natural insecticide property and makes you less attractive to mosquitoes. Basil leaves can be used as a preventive measure, when there is a severe outbreak in your area.

Dengue is not a serious disease, but it gets dreadful with time. The delay in the treatment makes it more severe, ultimately making it impossible to cure. Home remedy can be used on the sidelines on the mainstream of medicines. Kindly, consult your doctor once on the use of any of these home remedies. If the condition gets worse, stop the home remedies and visit a good doctor, immediately.

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