Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

September 22nd, 2015

Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy
Pregnancy is the sweetest thing, that can ever happen to any woman. It brings a lot of physical changes to the body and it’s very important to have a clue about them. Staying informed can help you understand, whether you are pregnant or not and understand the changes, your body is undergoing. We have listed some of the very common changes that can be a sign of pregnancy. If you notice them for a longer period of time, visit your doctor to get the pregnancy confirmed.

  1. Breast Changes:

    One of the early signs of pregnancy are the changes in the breast. You experience tender breasts soreness or tingling. You also feel it swollen. The size of the breast also changes to produce milk. This is also the reason, why your breast becomes tender and sensitive for a few months. This change will be invisible to you, in case you were on birth control pills. Darkening of areolas (the circle around nipples) can also be observed.

  2. Spotting:

    When the embryo implants in the uterus, the spotting is observed, many women mistake it for light period. Generally spotting is observed ten days after conception.

  3. Frequent Urination with Constipation:

    Frequent urination and constipation is the most common occurrence during pregnancy. During this, the uterus applies direct pressure to the bladder, leading to frequent urination. The increased size of the uterus also puts pressure on the intestine and thus leading to the problem of constipation.

  4. Fatigue:

    Fatigue is the first thing any woman will experience after pregnancy. Forming a baby absorbs a lot of energy. Once the placenta is fully formed, pregnant woman feels less fatigue.

  5. Nausea:

    Nausea is inevitable due to increased hormone levels. Morning sickness during first 3-4 months is very common. Some woman even feel nausea whole day, making it very difficult for them in day to day lifestyle.

  6. Smell Sensitivity:

    Somehow, smell sensitivity of the pregnant woman increases. It is considered as a boon from nature as it makes pregnant woman more aware through smell, that they are not eating spoiled food and thus protecting the baby from harmful toxins. If you experience smell sensitivity, a good news might follow too.

  7. Basal Temperature Increases:

    If you have been tracking your basal temperature, you might see an increase in the temperature at least of about one degree for minimum 2 weeks.

  8. Missed Periods:

    Missing periods are one of the most common indicators of pregnancy. But, it is also the reason for most number of false alarms, periods are missed due to multiple factors and not just pregnancy. Doctors suggest that missing periods is not a big thing and a couple should wait and visit a doctor to get things confirmed.

  9. Food Cravings:

    Pregnant woman need approx. 300 calories every day for the healthy growth of baby. They start craving for food to support the nutritional needs of the child. They simply feel hungry all day long and crave for more and more food.

  10. Mood Swinging:

    Mood swings are very extreme during pregnancy. Mood swings are due to increased hormonal changes. The body is constantly trying to adjust, triggering heavy changes in the mood. Women also feel faint and dizzy and increased heartbeat. Metallic odd taste in mouth can also be experienced during the same period of time.

If you are experiencing any of the above changes, then you should be patient about breaking the good news and visit the doctor first. Doctors can help you with all your questions and also can help you in overcoming painful symptoms. In case you are pregnant, make sure you fix an appointment with the best gynecologist at the earliest and don’t take any chances over it. Prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally for the forthcoming 9 months and avoid all the junk habits. Consuming alcohol is a big no. Also inform your doctor, if you are taking some pills for some health conditions. If you want some helpful tips related to pregnancy then click here. (Link to Pregnancy Tips post)

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